Here are links to a collection of documents, writing samples, and sermons I have created.

Like so many of my peers, most of my recent writing efforts are posted via Facebook.  If you are
interested in these works, please contact me, and I'll tag you in them.

contact me if you are interested in using my services.

Academic Writing and Research
Selection from the Dissertation
The Dissertation--  Wiggling Through It: A Comparative Case Study on Decision-Making
Processes of United Methodist Church Second-Career Clergy Students’ Routes to Ministry.

Book Review of Compelling Interest: Examining the Evidence on Racial Dynamics in
Colleges and Universities, (2003) M.J. Chang, D. Witt, J. Jones, and K. Hakuta, eds.   
Missions as Christian Formation

Sermons and Devotionals
Sermon-- The Willing Sacrifice
Sermon -- Scandalous Sinners
Sermon-- Sacrificial Generosity
Prayer- Silent Reflection and Centering Moments- Colleen's memorial
Sermon-- Calling, a matter of faith, hope and trust.
Sermon-- In Sickness and Health
Lenten Devotional

Web Pages
I designed and/or created the following pages. Most were created so that the
owners of the pages could maintain them.  Some are no longer in existence.

Blog- Answering the Call: Ministerial Education.(2009) http://ministryeducationcalling.wordpress.com/
Concierge Remedy - in home spa services(2009) http://www.conciergeremedy.com/index.html
The Durham Equine Center - local equestrian center with an after school program(2009) http:
South East Aside- Local sidesaddle organization website (2007) http://www.geocities.
The Mosaic Rural Wellness Center, Inc. Local nonprofit serving lower Alamance County. (2003-
2005) http://www.themosaiccenter.org
Apex School of Theology - independent, non-denominational and nationally accredited seminary
(2000) www.ApexSOT.edu
SC Chapter of the Methodist Federation for Social Action. (2001) http://www.geocities.

Published Works
The ASA Phoenix (American Sidesaddle Association publication.  These are the
issues in which I've been published)

Winter 2009 (Write up of SEA Fall Demo and Social)
Spring 2009 (How to make a corset pattern out of duck tape)
Fall 2009 (How to make a corset pattern out of duck tape, part 2)

The Mosaic Monthly (I edited and contributed to this publication from 2005 -
2007 for the Mosaic Rural Wellness Center, Inc. Until we ran out of money to
publish it.)

Volume 1
Mo Mo, November 2005
Mo Mo, December 2005
Mo Mo, January 2006
Mo Mo, February 2006
Mo Mo, March 2006
Mo Mo, April 2006
Mo Mo, May 2006
Mo Mo, June 2006
Mo Mo, July 2006
Mo Mo, August 2006
Mo Mo, September 2006
Mo Mo, October, 2006

Volume 2
Mo Mo, November 2006
Mo Mo, December 2006
Mo Mo, January 2007
Mo Mo, February 2007

For those who want to know more:
Writing, Training & Consulting
I offer a variety of training, consulting and writing services.  These include curriculum creation,
program development, needs assessment, grant writing,business plans, designing marketing
plans and assundry other services for small business and non-profit needs. I also offer
equestrian related clinics and consulting.  Rates vary depending upon what you need, and
packages are available, however, the starting rate is $15/hour.

If you would like more information, or would like to see marketing samples, please contact me
at sideseat at cercledelacroix.com.
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