The following training aides are hand-made out of braided
para-cord. Color of the cord varies.  All of these items are
machine washable/line dry.  Metal parts are either stainless
steel, Nickel plated brass, or solid brass. All cord ends are
melted to prevent unraveling and then hand stitched to stay
in place. All of these items have been tested in my barn and
in several friend's barns.  We have found them to be
extremely useful and easy to care for.
Running Martingales

This training aide assures that the pressure on the bit is applied from the correct
angle regardless of the horse's head carriage or the rider's hand placement.  It is
an excellent tool for training the young horse, and for keeping the young rider
from ruining a good horse with incorrect signals.  These are not intended for
use in the show ring. Each comes in two sizes: pony/cob and horse/ draft/
Simple Running Martingales: $15.00
These martingales have a pair of 2 in rings and snap
closure.  There is a snap that attaches to the girth.  Some
simple adjustment can be made to make these martingales
smaller by tying simple knots in the parts that are too long,
or by making a loop to fit around the girth.
Adjustable Running Martingales: $35.00
These martingales have a pair of 2 in rings, buckle closure,
and attaches to the girth with a snap.  All metal parts are
solid brass.
Stirrup Keeper: $3.00

The stirrup keeper holds English stirrups in place
while the saddle is being stored or while the horse is
being lunged under saddle.  It helps to keep the
stirrups from banging on the sides of the horse while
the horse moves.  Simple button closure.  No metal
Bridle Adapter for Halter: $10

The bridle adapter will turn any halter into a bridle.  Snap
attachment to the halter. Easily adjustable. You can use your
own lead ropes for reins.  Perfect for the trail or the hard to fit
Above: Simple

Left: Dark Grey
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