Upon request, I will make period sidesaddle
attire.  These items are made to look like
the original, and yet have all of the modern
safety features.  If you have decent pictures,
I can make it. Cost varies according to size,
cost of materials and time spent creating it.

Shipping and cost:

All shipping is paid for by the buyer. Cost: ½
down and remainder due before shipment.

I accept personal checks and credit cards via
Pay Pal or certified funds via the mail.

Contact me for shipping and mailing
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Economy Casual Use* Apron  $99. ($109
for 2X and 3X sizes.**)

These aprons will be available in most any color***, and
will be made out of a prewashed, heavy weight cotton or
cotton blend (think jeans material, twill or duck cloth).   
They will be UNLINED, but the seams will be finished so
that they will not unravel.  They will have Velcro closures
and one button to hold up the tail of the apron when
walking.  I'll put a simple shirt tail hem on them, but I would
sincerely encourage that the aprons be properly leveled and
hemmed once they get to their new home.   There will be
the option of either tailored aprons or full aprons. Full
Aprons will look more like a skirt and should allow more air
movement under the apron for those hot days.

Economy Casual Use* Safety
Trail/Hunting season apron $109 ($119 for
2X and 3X sizes**)

These are the same type of apron as above but offered
exclusively in hunter/Blaze orange (or if you really want it,
hunter orange camouflage) with reflective tape on the sides
and rear to help the rider stand out in the woods in the
middle of hunting season or while riding on a busy road.

All of these economy aprons will be made to order.  I will
need your waist and hip measurements, fabric color choices
(top 2***) and a deposit of $50 will be required before they
are made.  The remainder is due upon completion.  Buyer
pays for all shipping. I take checks and credit cards through
Paypal.  I do offer 10% discounts for senior citizens,
non-profit organizations, and large orders (10 or more

* The aprons are not designed to be used in showing aside.  They
are suitable for training, trail rides, and other informal events.
**ie 2X or 3X is any size which has a waist measurement over 38
inches and/or hip measurements over 48 inches.
***If I cannot find the color you want locally, I can order the fabric
on line, but it will take longer to get the fabric and therefore, to put
the apron together. So if you are willing to go with a second color,
list it.

If you have questions, send me an e-mail.
Offering Due to Popular Request!!