Medieval Leather Barding/Armour
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Here is a small selection of leather barding and equestrian armor.  These
pieces are designed to be functional, beautiful, and if well cared for, will last a
lifetime.  These pieces come in two basic types; finished and unfinished.  The
finished pieces are considerably more expensive as they have more labor costs
involved in them. Selection will vary depending upon availablity of materials.
As with all leather gear, regular cleaning with saddle soap is required to
ensure the continued use of the pieces.

The finished pieces are made with dyed or oiled leather.  They have moderate
to extensive tooling.  These are ready to use pieces.
The unfinished pieces are simply made, out of natural, undyed leather with no
or little tooling.  Such pieces are ready for you to tool and dye to match your
existing tack and costume.  I am willing to custom tool or dye these pieces for
an additional price.  See the
Custom Creations page for more details.  These
pieces can be used as is, but I would sincerely suggest that they be oiled before
Example of a finished piece. This was a
custom order.  I do not have this item
in stock.