The Basics for consulting, event planning, and training services:  
Consulting: Please contact me for detailed information for these types of services.  I am willing to work
remotely, and can handle many of the start up documentation and marketing needs of small non-profits
and for profit businesses. Payment plans are available.

Event Planning:  I do all sorts of event planing including fundraising, anniversary and birthday parties,
and yes, weddings.( I tend to specialize in "non-traditional" and "second" weddings.)  
Contact me for
more information.

Training: I am an accredited Adult Educator and an experienced youth minister.  I can help your
nonprofit, small business, or religious institution with assessing your educational and training needs,
creating custom made curriculum, and organizing training events and retreats.  
Contact me for more

The Basics for the arts, crafts and sewing projects:
I accept a limited number of commissioned art, craft and sewing projects.  

The Basics for Horses and Equestrian related items:
Please check the Period Horsewares & Equestrian Supplies for equestrian related items.

As usual,
I prefer to be paid via Pay Pal, cash and personal checks,   Due to numerous check and money
order scams, there will be a hold
until the check clears on all Internet transactions not handled by Pay

All shipping and insurance is the responsibility of the buyer.  
I prefer to ship by USPS, but I will use
whichever major shipping service you prefer.   Contact me about shipping overseas.

For more information, please see our
F. A. Q. Page or our Information page.
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Welcome to the Home Page of Cercle De
La Croix.
CDLC is a family run business
which strives to offer unique products,
goods  and services including:

Event and retreat planning.

Training and consulting services.

Grant writing and small business public
relations services.

Period costumes, dresses and other sewing

Sidesaddle habits and aprons.