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I received the shipping boots yesterday (about 20 minutes
after my last email!).  You did a great job!   I tried them on
Burt today, they are a bit long, but that's ok.  He had a lot
more hair on his legs when I made the casts, so I think once
all his feathers grow back, they will be taking up a lot of
space around his pasterns and hooves (there were mounds
of hair on the ground when I finished clipping him!).

I liked that they are flexible enough that he can walk around
comfortably, he wasn't acting like he had boards strapped to
his legs, he just looked down, said 'hey, something new!'
and when he figured out he couldn't eat them, he marched
around happily.

I'm attaching a photo of my dirty, fat perchy with his new
clothes.  He looks very handsome.  And these are so much
easier than doing quilts and wraps!

Thank you!

Bart in his custom made shippoing boots.  It
sure is hard to find some things in draft size.

....The mask and strap barding work great. Several
picts were taken and as soon as I get them I'll send
them to  you.

We looked awesome.  Everyone was really
impressed.  Especially since I'm like the only one to
have custom made Nazgul barding.


Here is the LOTR outfit.  You can't see too much of the
blanket. I did change a few things on this outfit to make it
more comfortable for my horse.  It worked out well and I get
so many compliments on this outfit.  The armor turned out
really well and the whole outfit ties in together.  People say
that when they see this outfit that it's almost like stepping back
in time.  This is a definite crowd pleaser!  Thanks for

I made the blanket.  She had the metal armor
created by another artisan.  It looks like the
changes she made were to remove the pewter
plates on the corners of the blanket.  They were
screwed on so that she could remove them if her
horse objected to them. The rider and the horse
are friends of the person who ordered the blanket.
Hi Mel,

How are you?  I just wanted to share these pictures with
you.  These were taken at the Hoosier Horse Fair in
Indianapolis last weekend.  As you noticed, I added tassels
to the blanket and rein covers.  I thought that was the
finishing touch....

I thought you would enjoy these.

I made the blanket and reins covers for the horse and
the underskirt she is wearing.  She also had me add
the gold trim to the dress. She added the tassels. The
whole outfit turned out really nice.
This barding was based upon the
barding found in LOTR.