The Native Arabian Costumes and Tack offered here are all hand made.  They
are my interpretation of the native original. I tend to stick to more traditional
decorations, such as beads, shells, fabric rosettes, and handmade tassels.  I
avoid the American trend toward gaudy excess, such as sequins, crystals, and
overt ostentation. The result is simple, elegant pieces that are noticed without
screaming for attention.
Native Arabian Halters and Bridles
What is generally carried in stock are show halters
and bridles.  They come in two basic types.  1)
The traditional Native Arabian halter.  These are
about 1-1.5 inches wide with rosettes, beads,
shells, and tassels.  Matching reins or lead rope
accompany the halter.  2) Arabian show halters.  
These are simple rope halters which have bead,
shell, and tassel embellishments.  They are
appropriate for showing in both the Egyptian
events and in open events.  Matching leads are
sometimes offered.    These items are created the
mood strikes, so inventory will vary.
Native Arabian Costumes & Tack
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Native Arabian Costumes
Since the entire costume, the bridle, halter,
reins, blanket, and breast strap take
considerable time and money to make,  
these are not kept on hand.  Each entire
costume is custom made to fit your horse
and/or you.  Yes, matching rider outfits are
offered.  Drawings of examples are posted.