About Cercle De La Croix
A little history

Cercle De La Croix is a small business owned by  Mellinda "Mel" Hansen-
Holloway.  This site was originally created after numerous requests by friends,
family, and other interested parties continued to pester me about having some
central place to order and purchase the period and modern equestrian supplies, fine
arts, jewelry and craft items that I created.  Apparently my previous use of word
of mouth advertising, coupled with my humble personal website, was not meeting
the demands of my requesting public. So, I separated the art and horse stuff from
personal website (which died w/ the end of geocities), added the opportunity to
pay for stuff via Pay Pal and I started listing individual items on ebay and

t the time this site was created there was not a whole lot of information available
on the web located in one location about the specifics of the types of period
barding, period sidesaddle attire, etc., so I've included such information as I've
found here on this site.

And what is happening now....

Since the creation of the original site, the wares I make were marketed through
local farmer's and craft markets, local small businesses, and extensively through
Craigslist.com.  I was fairly successful at making and selling the arts and crafts, but
had limited opportunity and time to market the consulting and training services.  
Additional outside time constraints and change in schedule led me to greatly reduce
the amount of time I focused on the arts and crafts.  However, I still do
, especially for my established clients.  

The focus of this site is now on my consulting, training and writing services.  Let
me know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement!  

Thanks for your business and your support.
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